Our Focus

Akron community


We are a responsible community partner committed to environmental stewardship, energy innovation, civic leadership, economic development, and education.

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We build partnerships between elected officials, business owners, residents, educators, and artists to create positive outcomes that empower our community.

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We deliver a finished heating and cooling product so customers can manage energy costs, improve operational efficiency, and eliminate long-term risks.

Benefits of Community Energy

One Source. Endless Advantages.

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Making an Impact

We seek to positively impact local initiatives that contribute to the community.

How We Help

A System for the Future

When AES assumed operations of the City of Akron’s district energy system in 2010, it was determined that a plan to ensure viability was needed. In collaboration with leaders from the city, Akron Children’s Hospital, and Cleveland Clinic Akron General, Akron Energy Systems embarked on a process to create a district energy system for the future.

Conserving Valuable Resources

To recover the water from the customer, Akron Energy Systems instituted a condensate return process. This allows for water to be returned to the district energy production plant through underground piping that runs parallel to our steam and chilled water lines. Once returned to the plant, the water is treated and then reused to produce steam.

Reducing Environmental Impact

AES utilizes an energy recovery generator to capture the excess thermal energy for reuse. This valuable resource that would otherwise be emitted into the atmosphere is captured and converted into an energy source. Not only does this process improve the system’s overall efficiency, but it lowers the production plant’s CO2 emissions.

Company Overview

AES operates the district energy system that supplies energy to dozens of buildings in downtown Akron, totaling more than 10 million square feet.

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