Taking Steps to Ensure Reliability

Cleveland Clinic Akron General Hospital and Akron Children’s Hospital were instrumental in planning and developing the City of Akron’s new community energy plant and system improvements. The critical services Akron Energy Systems provides to those hospitals ensure their ability to maintain uninterrupted patient care and comfort to their families and friends.

To improve the reliability and redundancy of the plant’s operation and production of the resources the local hospitals depend upon, Akron Energy Systems has installed two new fuel tanks. Each tank can store up to 25,000 gallons of fuel oil, providing more than 96 hours of backup in case of supply chain interruptions or natural catastrophes.

This fuel oil will be used in two of the plant’s three onsite boilers designed to operate with alternative fuels. In addition, the new fuel tank system includes three pumps, bolstering the N +1 pumping capability and enhancing reliability.

Continuous safety measures are in place to protect against fires and leaks and to satisfy compliance requirements with the State of Ohio Fire Marshal and City of Akron Fire Department. 

“Our daily mission is to positively impact Akron in any manner where our expertise, experience, and passion can add value.”  MARC DIVIS, Akron Energy Systems President