A System for the Future

When Akron Energy Systems assumed operations of the City of Akron’s community energy system in 2010, it was determined that a plan to ensure viability was needed.

In collaboration with leaders from the city, Akron Children’s Hospital, and Cleveland Clinic Akron General, Akron Energy Systems embarked on a process to create a community energy system for the future.

The two hospitals were critical to the process as they were the system's two largest customers. Without their long-term commitment to community energy, the future of the system would have been in peril. Both entities stepped up to offer invaluable resources in time and talent as Akron Energy Systems worked with the city to develop a comprehensive strategy. The results of that work included the construction of a new community energy production plant and enhancements to the system’s delivery lines that carry steam and chilled water to customer buildings for heating and cooling.


The $24.5 million project was financed by the City of Akron but will pay for itself through the plant's revenue, as well as operational efficiencies the project will bring.

    Project Highlights

    • Installation of steam-generation equipment with three new boilers
    • Water treatment equipment to accommodate expansion and ensure the longevity of new equipment
    • Incorporation of renewable energy and water-conservation technology
    • Service and infrastructure improvements for hospitals
    • New administration building
    • Demolition of the existing production plant
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    Boilers produce 450,000 pounds of steam per hour to provide heat

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    30-million gallons of water is recycled per year

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    Energy use reduced by 45%

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    Carbon footprint reduced by more than 100,000 tons per year

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