Engineering a Workforce for Tomorrow

Community energy is a specialized process that requires highly trained engineers, operators, and maintenance personnel.

To ensure that Akron Energy Systems is prepared for the future, we designed a cooperative learning program with local universities. Students who have completed two years of engineering studies are qualified to take part in a paid internship at Akron Energy Systems where they receive relevant work experience.

These opportunities provide students with the kinds of real-world challenges that will develop their technical skills and expand their professional experience. And by being part of a team that is deeply committed to the community and environmental stewardship, students connect with dedicated professionals who can help them reach their professional goals.



Steve is a graduate of The University of Akron. He took part in Akron Energy Systems internship program and eventually joined our staff as an engineer.

“The opportunity Akron Energy Systems provided through its engineering internship offered a hands-on experience that prepared me for my current position. I was welcomed in as part of the team and given meaningful work to perform. Working alongside professional engineers offered invaluable insight on the innovative and challenging aspects of the profession.”