What's All the Noise and Steam Clouds About?


The City of Akron, and its operating agent Akron Energy Systems, is beginning the process of commissioning a new, high efficiency energy plant to provide critical energy service to Akron Children’s Hospital, Cleveland Clinic Akron General and downtown buildings. The new plant is equipped with multiple steam boilers, provided by Babcock and Wilcox. These boilers must be tested to tune them for efficiency and reliability.

So, the cloud you will see is merely clean steam that is being released in the process of tuning this new, critical asset for Akron.

Testing will take place May 14-18 and June 3-5. The City is taking every precaution to maintain a safe and secure environment during the testing and requests that citizens to not stop or park on Opportunity Parkway during testing. We ask that drivers and pedestrians mind all posted signage and barriers during this process.

We thank the citizens of Akron for their understanding of this necessary but visible exercise that will result in a new, lower carbon energy solution to serve Akron for decades forward.