COVID-19 Pandemic Response


In a continued effort to safeguard our customers and employees, we are adhering to our short-term operational changes adopted last month. These changes will impact the following business operations:

1. Utility Meter Readings
We will not be performing physical, on-site meter reads during this period. Our Team will be reaching out to you individually to assist you in obtaining the readings. If we are unsuccessful in obtaining a reading, we will estimate the billing based on prior use, including an adjustment for weather.

2. Elective Building Service Calls
During this period, our Building Services Team will not be performing energy audits or internal system maintenance functions in customer buildings. However, if you experience an emergency, our Team is available and willing to assist you in dealing with these types of issues on a 24-hour basis. In the event that you need our assistance with any in-building crisis, please contact our 24-hour emergency hotline at (330) 697-3114.

3. Seasonal Turn-Off
Our Customer Service Team will not be providing an on-site, steam valve isolation service to customers during this period. When you anticipate a need to no longer have a heating source active to your building, either steam or hot water, please isolate the service by closing an internal building-owned valve(s).

In those instances where we must enter a customer's building, Akron Energy Systems is following OSHA standards regarding respiratory protection, disinfection of PPE, protective glove use and Bloodborne Pathogen controls.

Thank you for your continued support of district energy and your understanding of the modifications we are making to reduce the spread of Covid-19.